Grenadines Sailing Week – 18th to 25th November 2010

” Ant and I have been meaning to send you an email to say thanks again for such a fabulous time sailing with you last week. It was so fantastic to be on such a special yacht and enjoying the Caribbean at it’s best. Even in the rain!

We had such a lovely time and enjoyed great company, amazing food and some fantastic sailing. We can only wish that someday soon we’ll get our own yacht out in these waters.

Ant and I have been busy in Grenada over the last week. We’ve hiked up Mount Qua Qua, Visited waterfalls including the Au Coin falls which was really special. We’ve been out kayaking, scuba diving and more snorkeling. We also made it to the Gouyave fish fry this week. It was really good fun but they did say it was totally washed out the week before when we tried to go… so a good decision for us to all stay in for the double bill movie night on Ibis.

Would love to hear how you are getting on and of your adventures over the winter.

Thanks once again for such a great time sailing with you on Ibis.”

Rachel Wood, UK

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