Your Sailing Experience

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New to Sailing?

Have an extraordinary Caribbean holiday & give sailing a try!

It’s true, you don’t need to have any sailing experience to enjoy a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with Yacht Ibis; you just need a sense of adventure and a desire to push yourself out of your comfort zone for a while. We’ll make sure that we go at your pace with short trips from bay to bay and plenty of time to appreciate the the destinations as well as the journeys.

Your Skipper, Sam, Tim or Michele, is an RYA/ASA instructor and has helped lots of new sailors take to the water. She/he will make sure you to get the most of your first experience on board and there are loads of books to get you started.

There’s nothing like just getting stuck in to make you feel like one of the crew from day one. And don’t forget, we’ll be sailing in some of the most spectacular cruising grounds in the world……why not learn to sail in paradise?!

Take a look at our Beginner Sailing Holidays here to find a sailing trip that fits in with you. You never know, you might just discover a life long passion.

Or fancy trying a Regatta?  Anyone can join in the fun of Caribbean regatta sailing, and the host islands know how to throw a post race party!

Beginner Sailing Holidays

Regatta Sailing Holidays

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Done Some Sailing but Feeling a Bit Rusty?

Practice your skills on a Caribbean sailing adventure

So you did your Day Skipper course a year or so ago and you’ve not had a chance to sail since….or you’d really love to charter your own boat this time but you’re not sure that you can remember everything you need…..

Not to worry, a sailing holiday with Yacht Ibis will help reinforce everything you’ve learned and maybe even teach you a few more skills & tricks! We’re not a school, so there’s no rigid curriculum to follow, we can concentrate on the things which worry you most, to make sure you go away feeling confident and raring to go and charter that bareboat!

We give you the opportunity to be skipper on board, from planning the route, to checking the engine and organising your crew on deck….all under the skillful eye of an experienced Yachtmaster and RYA Cruising Instructor. But the best part is, you’ll have tucked away a few miles and had a real Caribbean Adventure at the same time!

Take a look at our Improver Sailing Holidays here to see if there’s a Caribbean sailing trip that fits with your schedule.

Want to go a bit further afield?  Maybe a Mile-builder would suit!  On these trips you can expect some longer passages, night sailing and blue water.

Or fancy your hand at a Caribbean Regatta?  All levels of experience are welcome and we especially welcome skilled sail trimmers!

Sailing Holidays for Improvers

Sailing Holidays Off the Beaten Track

Regatta Sailing Holidays

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Experienced Sailor?

Enjoy exhilarating trade winds sailing & remote tropical anchorages

A Caribbean sailing vacation with Yacht Ibis has a lot to offer the experienced sailor. Our Milebuilding trips in particular, take you off the beaten path and give you the opportunity to do some blue-water sailing to the less visited parts of the Leeward & Windward Islands.

If you’ve never sailed in the Caribbean before you’re in for a treat; this year we’re doing a whistlestop tour of all the islands over 2 weeks, taking in all the highlights.

Whether you’re an looking for adventure, or a budding career sailor clocking up some sea miles, take home your stories of leper islands and deserted anchorages, and the fast reach across the sea you took to get there.

Check out our Ship’s Log of past voyages and get a taste for the adventure.
Take a look at our Milebuilder Sailing Holidays here to see if there’s a Caribbean sailing trip that fits with your schedule.

Or fancy your hand at a Caribbean Regatta?  All levels of experience are welcome and we especially welcome skilled sail trimmers!

Sailing Holidays Off the Beaten Track

Regatta Sailing Holidays