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In 2009 I started Yacht Ibis Caribbean Sailing to share this wonderful sailing life with you.

About Yacht IBIS

Performing stress bypasses since 2009!

From the first sailing trip down the Windward and Leeward island chain from St Martin to Grenada in ‘new’ boat Ibis V, I abandoned immediate plans to return to the Med with Ibis, deciding instead to make this adventure-filled way of seeing the Caribbean islands an opportunity for others to experience.

And this is why:

No, that’s not me on the front cover but I am in the video!

11 Years EXPLORING the Caribbean Under Sail

Over the last 11 years, I’ve explored the beautiful islands of the Caribbean with guests like you who’ve become friends, not just with me, but with those they’ve sailed with.  Often, those friendships have evolved way beyond our sailing adventures together.

The CLUB Ibis (R)Evolution

With Club Ibis, I’m bottling that same ethos of stress free, fun packed, active sailing holidays in paradise with friends, and I’m taking it with me to some cherry picked places around the world.  Yes, we’ll still be sailing Ibis and our catamaran, Super Deux Purr, in the Caribbean, but there’s a whole world out there to explore… 

Why not come and see some of the best spots with us from the deck of a sailing boat!


These are the things that resonate with our guests and keep them coming back for more, year after year!

Mi Casa Es SU Casa

Just bring your shorts, shades and swimsuit and make yourself at home!

We provide you with quality linens and towels, snorkelling gear, a wet weather jacket and of course, the boats are equipped with all of the sailing safety equipment we might need for any eventuality.


Arriving in a place by boat, you’re instantly closer to the local people – even chores like refilling the gas bottles take you to places that other tourists never see; and buying local provisions, engaging with market traders and local fishermen is a real life experience that can’t be bought in an all inclusive package.


Time for a digital detox?  Unplug yourself and embrace a complete escape from your everyday… whether its a demanding boss, greedy clients, an unpleasant co-worker, or a phone that never rings, sailing in a beautiful place can help you to leave it behind and reconnect with what’s real and what matters.


We’re passionate about the places we visit and like to leave as light a footprint as possible wherever we go.

A CHANGING Itinerary

We offer an ever-changing itinerary and add new trips and new places to our plans each year…after all, you don’t want to go to the same places each holiday do you? We want you to come back again and again to see other wonderful places under sail.

EXPERIENCED, Qualified, Considerate Skippers

We’ll keep you safe, we’ll help you learn, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and well fed.

Our skippers each have a sailing school teaching background and are comfortable with all levels of sailing experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned sailor, you can be sure that you’ll take home some new skills.

Aimed at SINGLES, Couples & Solo Travellers

Not everyone has a bunch of friends who sail, or who’d like to sail, and it can be difficult to round up enough shipmates to share the cost of a bareboat charter (link to Types of Sailing Holiday).

Likewise, not everyone wants to be responsible for the bareboat and the people on board whilst they’re on vacation.

A Bed to YOURSELF (A Proper One!)

I remember only too well my early days of sailing when people on a sailing course might be expected to share a bed with a stranger, albeit of the same sex! A few years down the line and the last thing I want to do is sleep with a stranger – we make sure you don’t have to…

And we also COOK!

We provide you with healthy, home cooked meals using the freshest local produce available, so you needn’t worry about provisioning the larder before we leave port. Whilst you shouldn’t expect Michelin star meals, you can be sure of tasty, home cooked food made with love.

Meet Our TEAM

Small is beautiful 😉

Our core crew.  In some areas of the world, we are required to take a locally registered skipper on a chartered boat; this will be noted on the individual trip page.


RYA YM Offshore Comm. End.

Sam has been living and breathing sailing boats since her early 20’s


RYA Day Skipper

Ross is a 6 trip veteran and is particularly responsible for the FB Monday Funnies!


French Commercial Skipper

Francois dips in and out when needed, otherwise he fishes lobsters

Incomparably EQUIPPED Boats

Where we sail on Ibis V or Super Deux Purr, there is no expense spared in maintaining these boats to the highest possible standards of both safety and comfort.

We’ve chosen vessels that are strongly built for world cruising and upgraded them with all the necessities for long term live-aboard cruising.

Things like:

  • solar panels
  • increased battery capacity
  • a fully equipped galley complete with fridge and deep freezer
  • offshore fishing rods and lures
  • plugs and chargers of all varieties
  • full office facilities (for emergencies!)
  • and extensive offshore safety gear

These are just some of the things we carry that you simply won’t find on a standard bareboat sailing boat that we might use in other locations around the world.

WHO Sails With Us?

Quite simply, people like you! Below is a small extract of our crew list:

So whilst we may not be the cheapest way to take a sailing holiday, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a magical, relaxing but energising and memorable adventure; sailing to out of the way places, in comfort and safety, and with lots of laughter along the way.

But don’t take my word for it…

See What Our GUESTS Say

John, USA

You cannot bottle sunshine and happiness but Sam comes as close as one skipper can.
The best way to enjoy a Yacht IBIS adventure is to know what you want. If you want to be catered to in white gloves with table clothes, this may not be your trip. There are great options elsewhere. If you are looking to have a great full participatory sail that has you pulling lines, grinding winches, taking the helm, climbing over everything and making lifelong friendships, sign aboard to be an IBIS pirate.

Les, NZ

What a blast… one of my great adventures.  To Skipper Sam, a great big THANKS for your hospitality, patience and gourmet meals…every day a cuisine delight.  I sailed with a group of people that related, had fun and worked together.  This trip will stay etched in my memory.

Jimmy, USA

I just completed the whistle stop trip on Ibis, with Sam captaining. Three other guys and I served as “crew”. For me , this was the trip of a lifetime. We sailed about 450 miles in mostly great conditions. I learned a bunch about cruising.
We did 3 night sails. Sam scheduled several shore days for us and lined up some great activities.
The food was wonderful. The company was a blast. I got a year’s worth of laughter in.

Adrian, UK

Sam, just to say thankyou for an unforgettable 2 weeks on ibis 5 , never had so much fun standing up ! It was just perfect for me and managed to leave all me troubles and tribulations behind me, I really appreciated all the effort you put in to make it such a special time, keep up the good work, you have been an inspiration for my sailing practice ! 

Also thanks to all the boys and girls, especially the Womitting Wikings who were tremendous fun, and Francois who’s sailing experience is second to none I have seen, I still have so much to learn…

Thanks again to all you guys love and kisses Adrian xxxxxxxxx

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