Grenadines 6th to 12th November 2011

Lee Stacey at the helm of Yacht Ibis on the Caribbean

“Just like this web-site, a trip on the Ibis is aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable so your expectations are already off to a good start….

However, the web-site doesn’t begin to convey Sam’s easy going hospitality which makes you feel welcomed and at home from the off, her patient attitude (sometimes saintly tolerance) to your (well my!) ineptitude, her excellent culinary skills (admirable and exotic in a full scale kitchen so a minor miracle in a galley!) and most of all, the infectious passion she has for her job and her life and an overwhelming desire to share this with her guests. In many, this would be smug, but on the Ibis it translates to sharing the beautiful, movie scene- esque, tropical utopia of the Carribean with anyone who wants to explore, learn, eat and drink in her idyllic office.

Admittedly I got pretty lucky with my ship mates but I do believe that you’ll find like minded souls aboard as it takes a certain type to live in the confines of a boat with strangers anyway; add to that the camaraderie in building a crew, helping one another, fighting it out over the washing up and a well earned g&t at sunset and you shouldn’t even need the skippers NATO-worthy peace keeping and team building skills!

Book now and maybe I’ll see you on my next trip to fight it out for the last shift at the helm, last bit of tortilla or last dreg of rum…enjoy”

Lee Stacey, UK

Read about Lee’s Holiday and see the pics here.

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