Sailing the Caribbean – Grenada to St Maarten November 2010 Pt.1

Grenada to St Maarten – Pt1
Gretchen finished a week with Ant and Rach by a last attempt to discover the sculptures at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, this time with Andrew in tow! Zuzana arrived the next evening and it was time for some final provisioning and Goodbye Grenada!

Goodbye Grenada; Goodbye Ant & Rach

[dropcap]W[dropcap]ell, we struck gold on the next visit to the Underwater Sculpture Park, and despite the water being a bit murky, we managed to find several of the exhibits which are scattered over quite a large area. It would be helpful if they attached some bouys to them or at least put a signpost next to each one so we could follow a trail!

We’d hoped to take a bus to the Goyave Fish Fry on the Friday night but the heaven’s opened and we opted for a movie night on board, learning later that the event had been a washout so we made the right choice! A fond farewell to Ant & Rach from the previous week’s trip.

With Zuzana aboard, there was time for some last minute provisioning at the local markets and we grabbed some beautiful Red Snapper for supper and threw off the lines for Isle Ronde on route to Union Island.

Grenada to Isle Ronde

It was a fairly quick sail along the Grenada coast to Isle Ronde, about 20 miles away in 17+ knots of wind and a flat sea, and there was time for a quick swim before a wonderful dinner of steamed Red Snapper with Ginger, Garlic and Soy Sauce….one of my favourite dishes and we do get great Snapper in Grenada.

Clifton on Union Island

We lifted anchor after breakfast the next day and sailed through rain showers and squalls, arriving at Clifton on Union Island late in the afternoon and dropping anchor behind the reef; and quite close to it. I put the chart-plotter on anchor watch through the night in case the wind shifted….helps me to sleep!

The next morning we checked in to St Vincent and the Grenadines and had a look around the colourful town of Clifton. The same afternoon we headed round to Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau; just a few miles around the coast but we battled against some strong head winds.

Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau

My friend Colin Thomas of Straits Sailing was already there when we arrived. Saltwhitle Bay has quite a tricky entrance with rocks to the North and there was quite a swell running into the bay. I managed to tuck in behind the northern reef and get the anchor set, but the place was very crowded and I was a little anxious about dragging as there was another, quite big reef behind us although a little way off. Andrew and Zuzana swam ashore for walk along the beach and a cocktail in the beach bar, and later we all went over to Colin’s boat for sundowners – we took our own gin and tonic….and ice!

As we relaxed, a Sunsail boat motored into the bay and swung in an arc to come and anchor behind us (and a few other boats further back than us)….one minute it was motoring in, and the next minute it was keeled over sideways on the reef, getting bounced towards the shore. Quelle disastre! We assume everyone got off and was unhurt.

The next morning it was still there, stuck fast and being plundered by the locals.

Time to head off!

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