Sailing in the Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays

About Sailing in the Tobago Cays
All the pictures you take of the Tobago Cays are a rainbow of blues, so much so that you start to wonder just how blue can blue get! A tiny group of 5 islands, 4 of which are surrounded by a horseshoe reef and all are surrounded by the azure Caribbean Sea , there is no other place like it in the Caribbean and, being only accessible by boat, the Tobago Cays makes a perfect sailing destination.The islands are uninhabited and a picture perfect combination of white sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise water and not very much else.

Where are the Tobago Cays

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To the southern end of the St Vincent & the Grenadines archipelago, the Tobago Cays are about a 40 mile sail from either St Vincent to the North or Grenada to the South. Sailing North from Grenada usually means heading into the wind a bit which can make the trip longer. Otherwise the islands are an easy day sail from Bequia, Carriacou, Union or Mayreau, each of which are great overnight stops en route.

What Makes the Tobago Cays so Special?

A protected marine park, the islands are part of St Vincent and the Grenadines, having been bought back from private ownership in 1999. No fishing, spearfishing, beach fires or garbage disposal is allowed, and measures are in place to monitor the turtle population and safeguard the reefs, which are rich in life. [frame_right][/frame_right] Adequate sandy patches mean that the anchors from visiting cruising boats and day trippers don’t destroy the coral heads.

A Sailing Paradise

Although not short of visiting boats the Tobago Cays rarely seem overcrowded, even in the high season, between December and April and you can always find a strip of deserted white sand and palm trees all to yourself.

The beauty of the islands is everywhere……above and below the water.  The area behind the reef is only a few metres deep and the crystal clear water makes a perfect snorkelling spot where you will be able to swim with hawksbill turtles, rays, and a myriad of fish.

By late afternoon the day trippers and boat vendors peel away and you’re left with a stunning anchorage to watch the sun going down.

Sailing Practicalities

A cruising permit to sail in the Tobago Cays can be obtained where you clear into the Grenadines, either at Union Island or Bequia. The small charge goes towards the monitoring of the area, or at least you hope it does!

Sailing Holidays on Ibis to the Tobago Cays

Yacht Ibis sails to the Cays as part of a 7 to 14 day sailing holiday which includes many of the other Grenadine islands such as Union, Mayreau and Petit St Vincent.

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