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The following sections replace our manual Booking Form and are part of the online booking and payment process.  The online booking process holds your cabin/bunk selection for up to 5 days from the time you first click on the "Book Now" button, whilst you research and book flights into and out of the right airports to meet the sailing schedule.

Manual Bookings

If you would prefer to complete a manual form please click here to download one.  This will need to be completed, signed, scanned and emailed back to us to complete your booking and secure a place.  You should email us to confirm availability and make sure that we are holding a place for you before booking your flights.


Please note that unless stated otherwise on the trip web page, a sailing holiday with Yacht Ibis is participatory.  You will be expected to take a turn to steer the boat, pull the ropes, keep a watch, help out in the galley and generally be part of the crew.

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NOTE.  Our maximum group size is 5 unless otherwise agreed.

Illnesses & Dietary Requirements

Illnesses or medical conditions need not prevent you from taking full part in a sailing holiday; however the skipper must be made aware of any relevant condition.  If you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in any anticipated activities, a GP should be consulted prior to booking. Please advise whether you are currently taking any medication, if so, please give details:

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