Caribbean Sailing Interactive Map

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Sailing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is jewelled with some of the most picture perfect tropical islands in the world; white sand beaches, palm trees, warm, crystal waters and rich underwater life. It also has [highlight2]year-round sunshine, cooling breezes and protected waters.[/highlight2]

The consistent Easterly trade winds blowing across the Atlantic at between 15 and 30 knots, and a regular 1 to 2 metre swell make for [highlight2]fast, exciting sailing with the wind on the beam[/highlight2], and you will often be blessed with near perfect sailing conditions from one island to the next.

High Season

High season runs from December through to April and demand is at its highest with the winter in the Northern hemisphere. A vibrant bareboat charter scene and some [highlight2]world class regatta sailing[/highlight2] makes for an exciting time in some of the islands…..although the beauty of the Caribbean is that you can find peace and seclusion just around the corner.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially falls between 1st June and 30th November each year, although most of the early hurricane activity centres on the Pacific side of the Mexican Gulf. Between August and October, sailing boat owners throughout the Caribbean are focused on the weather forecasts to make sure they’re not in a direct path. The liklihood of hurricanes is greatly reduced South of 11 degrees and with year round sunshine, [highlight2]sailing in the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago[/highlight2] is a realistic option during these months.